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Early Arrivals - Centers

Social interaction with peers and adults, self-regulation of behavior, language development, time management, age-appropriate academics, discovering new interests in a safe environment.

Group Calendar Circle

Circle time in early childhood settings fosters a sense of community. Each child, regardless of ability, can experience a feeling of belonging to the group during circle time. It also provides an open opportunity for important social interactions, creative movement, and essential learning!

Open Centers/ Small Group Curriculum

A great time for children to explore and create what interests them!


Outdoor/Indoor Play

This is where our students enjoy/or take advantage of exploring, risk-taking, discovery, practice, exercise, sing, and create. Children develop fine and gross motor skills as well as the absorption of vast amounts of basic knowledge during outdoor play!


Lunch Time

Not only do students explore nutrition and use their senses, but they also develop socialization skills with their peers and learn to become self-sufficient.


Rest Time

A time to wind down and enjoy some soothing music.

Sleep is essential to learning and healthy cognitive function at all ages.

Music & Movement

A special part of your child's day!

Movement and rhythm exercises stimulate the brain which reinforces language concepts.


An important and fun activity for all children! Weekly themes that interest the students are implemented.

  • integrates visual (pictures and words) with auditory (spoken words) to facilitate language learning

  • provides opportunities for taking turns

  • increases listening and attention skills

  • encourages early literacy skills and phonological awareness

Pickups/Table Toys

This is a perfect ending to your child's school  day. Children are generally working alone or in pairs on tasks that require concentration and thought.

  • Fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and visual discrimination

  • Recognition of shapes, colors, and textures

  • Comparison of similarities and differences, matching, classification, and pattern recognition

  • Following directions, following sequences, and concentrating for completing tasks

  • Chances to practice creativity and problem-solving

Say our "Good-byes" as parents and children reunite!

Our Daily Schedule

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